Of the 52,000+ automotive accessory installation centers in the United States there are at least 1,657 which professionally sell and install sunroofs. Some specialize in power internal sliders or spoilers. Others focus on pop-ups. Most also perform sunroof repairs.

Check your local classified phone directory under Automotive Sunroofs, Automotive Customizing or Automotive Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery. Or ask your local car dealer sales manager who installs sunroofs in your area.

-courtesy Ray Erfle - ATA/Vehicle Upgrade Association

This article, reprinted from, demonstrates that aftermarket sunroofs fill a substantial gap in the market and offer the consumer enhanced options and choice at the new car dealer level and beyond 

Q  I know that I can order a [Pontiac Grand Prix with a] sunroof from the factory, but some say it opens into the roof and other say it sits on top of the roof like a spoiler. Which is correct? What if I don't want to wait the extra time because the sunroof is on restriction? Are there alternatives?

A  The factory sunroof (referred to as a "spoiler" type sunroof) does not retract into the roof of the car. Rather, it slides along a track and sits at about a 10 degree angle over the roof of the car. To some owners, this type of roof is undesirable because of appearance, wind noise, potential damage to the glass from rocks, and a smaller opening. The roof is made of glass and has a retracting sunshade. Some people also refer to the glass [sunroof] with sunshade roof as a moonroof. The spoiler roof has the express open feature, and the venting feature as well.

     Many buyers opt to purchase or order their Grand Prixs without the sunroof, and have the car sent out for an aftermarket sunroof for either one or both of the following reasons:  (1)they don't want to wait the extra time it takes for the dealer to order the factory sunroof due to production restrictions,  (2) they don't want a spoiler type sunroof. There are several aftermarket sunroof companies... [some] sunroofs come with the extra feature of closing automatically when you shut off the car, and they retract into the roof [inbuilt]. The trade-off is that in order for the sunroof to retract into the roof, because of the curvature of the roof, you lose approximately 2-3 inches of headroom. This can be a significant impact for drivers and passengers over 6 feet tall or with long torsos... Installation time is usually about one day.

[editors note] There are aftermarket spoiler sunroof models which offer features similar to the factory option model, and this vehicle will easily accomodate most pop-up, spoiler and inbuilt sunroofs. See your local sunroof professional.

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